Top 50 Spotlight: #46, Wolf Creek Golf Resort (Old)

When Wolf Creek’s Old Course opened up in 1984, it was unlike anything in Canada, at the time. A faux-links inside the coastline, Rod Whitman created a different type of golf that would be apart of the massive transformation we’ve seen in the Canadian golf landscape: Sagebrush, Wolf Creek, Blackhawk, Devil’s Paintbrush, Eagles Nest.

The Old Course’s layout is interesting. The course carries a few distinct styles throughout its 18 holes. The opening two feel linksy, while the third and fourth go through the trees, five through seven go back to links, while eight and nine return to the trees to finish off the front nine. The tenth, in the open, while eleven through thirteen hidden via trees. Fourteen and fifteen play through dunes, while sixteen is in the trees and seventeen and eighteen finish on the windswept links layout. The whole course still plays firm and fast, but it’s a healthy mix that keeps things interesting. Some holes allow for error, while others make you hit it straight.

Wolf Creek’s Old Course is 18 of 36 holes at Alberta’s infamous 36 hole facility. The other 18, The Links, ranks 18th in my Top 50.

All photos are courtesy of The Golfing Canuck.

Looking at the 5th green complex

Best par 3: Hole 7, 130 yards

Best par 4: Hole 15, 407 yards

Best par 5: Hole 11, 506 yards

The approach to the par 5, 11th.


Worst par 3: Hole 10, 197 yards

Worst par 4: Hole 8, 345 yards

Worst par 5: There’s only 2 par 5’s and both are good

  • Ranking: 46th out of 149
  • Total Points: 63.000/100
  • Playability: 12/20
  • Shot Value: 14/20
  • Fun: 11/20
  • Memorability: 11/20
  • Architectural Values: 15/20
The narrow tee shot at the 2nd provides a different challenge off the start

Additional Photos


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