Top 50 Spotlight: #47, Wilderness Club

In 2009, Nick Faldo was commissioned to build what was supposed to be a private club just south of the Montana/BC Border in the Northwest of the state—Wilderness Club. That didn’t happen exactly as planned, as bankruptcy happened and more money issues following. Wilderness Club kept it doors open to the public, bringing in tourism to one of the most beautiful areas of the US.

The golf course, a stern par 72, 7207 yard, 74.0/137 menders through forestry and valleys, providing three different settings in one golf course.

The par 4, 6th provides options off the tee

Best Par 3: Hole 5, 161 yards

Best Par 4: Hole 10, 310 yards

Best Par 5: Hole 3, 529 yards

Worst par 3: Hole 17, 175 yards

Worst Par 4: Pick one—hole 16, 456 yards; and hole 9, 503 yards

Worst Par 5: Holy 12, 557 yards

After the horrendous tee shot at the 12th, the hole turns picturesque

  • Ranking: 47 out of 148
  • Total Points: 61.500/100
  • Playability: 9.5/20
  • Shot Value: 15/20
  • Fun: 13/20
  • Memorability: 16/20
  • Architectural Values: 8/20
The first “wow” moment of the round comes at the par 4, 2nd.

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