What Should You Listen To Before A Big Round?

You’re in the final group in the final of your club championship, or the local amateur tournament, or even men’s league, and you need to get pumped up, so you put in headphones. Unfortunately, you don’t know what to listen to!

Music’s biggest benefit is that it can help change or alter our mood. Before a big round is no different, you need something to get you pumped up, something that will help you get into the zone.

I’ve picked a mostly hip-hop playlist; there’s a few reasons to this. Firstly, it’s the most aggressive genre, especially for today’s standards. Secondly, it carries a “swagger” vibe that’s hard to find in any other genre. Thirdly, it’s the most popular genre nowadays, and thus easier to find songs that fit the mood!

  1. “Mercy.1” – Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz
  2. “Jumpman” – Drake, Future
  3. “N****s in Paris” – Kanye West, Jay Z
  4. “No Favors” – Big Sean, Eminem
  5. “Believer” – Imagine Dragons
  6. “Summer Sixteen” – Drake
  7. “U Mad” – Vic Mensa, Kanye West
  8. “Shutdown” – Skepta
  9. “Trohpies” – Young Money, Drake
  10. “Outlet” – Desiigner
  11. “Sacrifices” – Big Sean, Migos
  12. “BagBak” – Vince Staples
  13. “5AM in Toronto” – Drake
  14. “Medicine Man” – Dr. Dre, Eminem, Anderson .Paak, Candice Pillay
  15. “Radioactive (Remix)” – Imagine Dragons, Kendrick Lamar
  16. “0 To 100 / The Catch Up” – Drake

The playlist run time equals one hour, 5 minutes, which is a typical warm up time before a round of golf. Spin this playlist for the next time you need to get hyped up! It helps if you listen in order to help build the mood & for transitions between the songs.

The playlist contains 21 total people for 16 songs. Of those 21 people, Drake (5), Kanye West (3), Big Sean (2), Imagine Dragons (2) and Eminem (2) appear multiple times. Canada, USA and England are represented amongst the 21 artists. Rap is by far the most represented genre, with only “Believer” containing no elements of rap.

The playlist is updated regularly, so if you add this to your music library your playlist will be updated as well! Below is the links to Apple Music and Spotify to keep up with the playlist.

Apple Music:




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  1. Nice playlist, I love the songs “U Mad,” “Sacrifices,” and “No Favors” without the Eminem verse. Will definitely listen to this when I play golf in 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

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